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An Interactive Workshop to Kickstart your Career as a Professional Organiser 

Professional Organising

Business Planning Workshop

Keen to Become a Professional Organiser?

Our workshop will help you to explore whether or not a career as a Professional Organiser is right for you. 

You love to sort, and you’re more than likely curious about converting these skills into a paid career. 

Since we’re the industry experts, we’re here to educate you, and to offer you an insight into what a career as a Professional Organiser entails. 

Our Kickstart Workshop offers you an opportunity to not only gain industry knowledge but also to create your own business plan with our guidance in order to Kickstart your new career as a Professional Organiser.

Desk with Laptop

What Will I Learn?

Full Range of Topics
During our 2 Hour Online Kickstart Workshop, you will learn;

About Our Industry
In-Depth Knowledge
One Page Business Plan
To Attract New Clients
Career Pathways
Is this the Right Job for you?
Required Skills
To Manage Clients
Business Requirements 
To Start Your Journey
How to Sort
For Clients, Not Yourself

Our Services

Assistance at Home!

Home Sorted! offer a wide range of DIY & hands-on home sorting services.


We’re the experts in making the best use of your space. 


We assist you in sorting your home, and relocating, and also help you to live better whilst stuck at home working or studying!

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Kickstart Workshop

Business Planning Session for Professional Organisers


2 Hour Online Workshop
Live Master Classes Hosted by Nina
Business Plan Creation
Join Our Community of Fellow Professional Organisers

20+ Years Experience

Online Learning

Learn from Anywhere

industry Experts

Open Discussions

Business Planning

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