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5 Ways To Store And Keep Tools Safe

Ways To Store And Keep Tools Safe
Ways To Store And Keep Tools Safe

It is imperative to keep tools safe within the garage.

When placed in wrong, curious or uneducated hands, tools can cause a great deal of damage. In order to prevent this from happening there are a number of ways to keep tools safe and stored correctly. 

Keep reading for our tips and tricks. 

  1. Cull the excess clutter

Over the years the garage can become home to more than tools and gardening equipment. It’s often the first place people go to stash belongings they no longer want and cannot be bothered getting rid of completely. 

Combat this issue by having an annual clean out. Be ruthless and throw away any unwanted junk. For good quality items, consider donating to charity. 

The same goes for your tools. If you find yourself keeping tools that are rusted or worn out, now is the time to dispose of and replace them. 

  1. Keep the garage clean

The simplest way to store and keep tools safe is often the most overlooked. Keep your garage tidy and sorted with a regular clean. Start at the ground and work your way up. 

High pressure cleaners are great for removing stubborn oil and grease stains. Your work benches should be free of clutter and every item within the garage should have its own place. 

  1. Store power tools adjacent to hand tools

Power tools are often used in conjunction with hand tools. Storing them in two separate spots adjacent to each other makes it super easy to switch tools when necessary. 

Additionally, you may decide to keep your power tools in a closed and locked cabinet. 

  1. Create a peg board for small tools

Along within keeping your garage tidy, it’s good to keep your tools out of your kids’ reach.  Peg boards are fantastic for enabling you to keep tools safe. 

Install one behind your garage workbench and utilise different size hooks to create a home for smaller tools. Even better, by hanging your tools up, you can always quickly tell – quick smart - if an item has gone missing. 

  1. Utilise a system to keep tools safe

Ultimately you need to devise a person system that will help you to keep tools safe. Whether this is a routine of tidying the garage after each use, or a system of storage. By maintaining a personalised system, you can be certain that everything is accounted for. 

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