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Christmas Shopping Sorted

Christmas Shopping Sorted
Christmas Shopping Sorted

If you’re not organised Christmas gift shopping can be a nightmare. It’s useful to hit the shops with a thorough list and action plan. 

Your action plan should look something like this:

  1. Decide on two gift ideas for each family member or friend who you are purchasing for – write these down. 

  2. Allocate yourself a full day to Christmas shop. It’s ideal to hit the shops alone and without the kids, to give your full attention to the task at hand. 

  3. Whilst shopping try and keep this rule in mine - if you cannot find your first gift idea in three stores move onto the next item. Time is precious. 

  4. Once home wrap your gifts, attach a gift tag or card and store in a safe location ready for Christmas day. 


Finding ideas for gifts can be difficult, but never fear, we’ve compiled a list of gift suggestions to make the process a tad easier. 

For mothers

  • Pamper packs/gift vouchers – give mum a chance to unwind and relax

  • Cinema vouchers

  • Inspirational books

  • Wine hampers

  • Laptop bag – especially useful for stay at home mum entrepreneurs.  

  • Picnic hamper

  • Clothing vouchers to their favourite stores

  • Candles

  • Sporting equipment or memberships

  • Concert tickets

For fathers

  • Car GPS systems

  • Massage vouchers

  • Car servicing kits

  • Portable tool kits

  • Coffee machine – perfect for early morning starts

  • Magazine subscriptions

  • Sporting team apparel

  • Briefcase – business orientated dad’s love these

  • 2016 diary – perfect for ensuring 2016 is an organised year

  • BBQ cookbook and utensils

For kids

  • Bug-catching kits

  • Chalkboard and coloured chalk

  • Dolls house and accessories

  • Books – science, fairy-tale, action, adventure 

  • Puzzles

  • Create-it-yourself project kits

  • Lego – an endless source of entertainment for kids of all ages

  • Telescope

  • Sporting equipment – perfect for the summer holidays

  • Trampoline

For teenagers

  • Make up set

  • Novels 

  • Cinema tickets

  • Concert tickets

  • Video game consoles and games – always a popular option for teenagers

  • Bluetooth music systems

  • Clothes

  • Sporting equipment

  • Hair straightener – what teenage girl doesn’t want perfect locks for school?

  • Computer games

Just remember, when shopping stay as close and true to your list as possible. It’s easy to be swayed by marketing and sales. Stay focused on your pre-selected Christmas gift options and shop in an organised manner. 

It’s as easy as this to be Christmas gift sorted.

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