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Creative Ways To Increase Bathroom Toy Storage

Increase Bathroom Toy Storage
Increase Bathroom Toy Storage

How often do you look around the bathroom and wonder where on earth the toys came from? 

If you have young children, it’s inevitable. You’re going to have to figure out a method of storing their bath toys in the bathroom. 

What’s worse is this is usually the one room of the house with the smallest limitations on space. But don’t fear. With a few quick adjustments, you too, can have bathroom toy storage just like an organisation pro! 

Utilise a peg basket

You may be used to only seeing the nifty peg basket when doing the laundry. But, it can be used in many other ways. 

Peg baskets are great for bathroom toy storage because they can be hooked over your taps, which ensures the toys are within arms reach for your children. Better yet, they’re super cheap! 

Refashion a dish rack

Do you have a flat area at the end of your bathtub? Or to the side? If you’re lucky enough to have an area like this, you can refashion a kitchen dish rack into a wonderful toy storage rack. 

Dish racks are great for separating toys. If you have lots of small toys for the bathroom you may also consider using a utensil container to keep those in line. 

Hanging fruit bowls

Another idea stolen from the kitchen is utilising hanging fruit bowls in the bathroom. 

You can hang them from the shower rod where your shower curtain hangs. This is a great way to keep bathroom toys up, off the ground and out of everyone else’s way. 

Mesh bags with suction cups

Bathroom toy storage can be made even easier with mesh bags. These are available from most home and craft stores. If your bathroom tiles are flat, attach two suction cups to the top corners of the bag and hang right near the bathtub. 

Most importantly, these are great because you can wash them in the washing machine, or replace frequently for only a couple of dollars. 

If you’re keen on organising your bathroom toy storage all you really need is a touch of creativity. Almost all baskets with holes in the bottom to drain water can be repurposed. If you come up with a great idea don’t forget to share it with us on our Facebook page.

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