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Don’t forget…items to sort pre-Christmas

items to sort pre-Christmas
items to sort pre-Christmas

Christmas is a stressful time of year. It’s easy to forget things when shopping and sorting your home. 

It’s often the little tasks that get missed, but it’s equally these little tasks that can make a huge difference in helping Christmas day go as smoothly as possible. 

Think of this as your subtle reminder and list of ‘don’t forget items’! 

Make sure all the baking trays you plan on using will fit inside the oven 

Are you cooking a roast turkey or another meat and vegetables? Will all of your oven trays be able to fit inside at once? Will you need to adjust the times and heat your meal needs to be prepared at?

It’s a good idea to plan ahead and check which baking trays you will be using and if you can position them in the oven appropriately. 

If not, can you prep food in advance, or plan your cooking times accordingly? Either way, a trial run will get you sorted! 

Polish cutlery and wash glasses


You don’t want to pull wine glasses or fine cutlery out of their cupboard on Christmas day to find them covered with dust. 

If these are items not regularly used within your household, or you have a special set for Christmas, get them out a few days prior and wash them well. Store on a tray with a tea towel placed across the top to prevent dust before the day. 

Ensure groceries are plentiful 

Battling supermarkets near Christmas is never pleasant. Especially when you consider the state of car parks. Ensure your pantry is well stocked in the lead up to Christmas to avoid the Christmas rush. 

Consider what food you will need for just before and after Christmas too. It’s easy to forget about these days with all focus placed on your Christmas meal. Having a few easy to prepare items in the pantry and refrigerator can be a lifesaver when shops close for Christmas. 

Do you need batteries for new toys?

If you’re giving your children toys for Christmas, do a quick check to see if they require batteries. You don’t want your children disappointed that they can’t play with their presents until Boxing Day. 

It may be handy to keep a stash of common sized batteries in your home. 

Are you less-stressed for Christmas now? We certainly hope so!

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