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Fantastic Window Cleaning Advice

Fantastic Window Cleaning Advice
Fantastic Window Cleaning Advice

Most of us think we know how to clean a window. It’s only glass you may be thinking. How hard could it really be? 

Without the right advice many people go about cleaning their windows in inefficient and labour intensive ways, when really, it’s not that hard if done right!

So what is this fantastic window cleaning advice? 

Never use paper towel and elbow grease

When you use paper towel and elbow grease to clean windows what you are really doing is moving dust and dirt from one spot to another. Doing so creates static on the glass which only attracts more dust and dirt. 

Keep this in mind. Paper towel + elbow grease = wasted time and energy

Pick a time of day out of direct sun

If you attempt to clean your windows during a time of day in direct sunlight, the sun may cause the cleaning product to dry, which can cause streaks in your cleaning efforts. And we don’t want streaky windows! 

Choose your tools wisely and have them ready

The main tools needed to clean windows successfully are:

Brush – use this to brush the windows whilst they are still dry. Don’t forget to brush the window frames, hinges etc. This will remove any dust and cobwebs that are resting on your windows. 

Cleaning liquid – vinegar and water is a tried and tested cleaning solution, however the choice is yours. Some people choose to use dish washing detergent in a bucket of water. 

Sponge/Sponge brush – after you have brushed the windows and decided upon your cleaning liquid, dip your sponge into the water (you don’t need to drown the sponge) and then use it to wipe the dust and dirt away on your window. 

Squeegee – the humble squeegee will be your lifesaver when cleaning windows. After you have sponged the dirt away start at one corner of your window and draw the squeegee down in one stroke. Take your squeegee back to the top and repeat the process overlapping slightly after each stroke.

It’s a good idea to wipe your squeegee on a sponge between each stroke to remove the dirt, grime and soap it accumulates. 

Once you’ve done the whole window, drag the squeegee along the bottom of the window and then wipe the window seal and frame with a clean dry cloth to ensure it’s dry. 

How easy was that? Sparkling windows are coming your way!

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