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Festive Season Organisation: Making Christmas Lists

Christmas lists
Christmas lists

You may not want to admit it, but Christmas is coming. With under five weeks until the big day it’s time to get organised and prepared. 

This is where lists come in – you can use Christmas lists for almost everything and they’ll be sure to keep you on track. 

Here are our recommended Christmas lists and questions to ask yourself when compiling them. 

Christmas decoration list

Do you need to purchase new decorations? 

Are your decorations in storage?

When are you planning on putting them up?

Will you need help?

Where are you going to store them after Christmas?

Christmas food list

What are you cooking for Christmas?

What ingredients do you need to purchase?

Where will you buy your groceries?

How many people do you need to feed?

Do you need to cater for any dietary requirements?

How many adults vs. children?

Do you need to purchase drinks?

Are your guests bringing food?

Do you need to notify your guests of anything?

Christmas present list

Who do you need to buy for?

What is your budget for each person?

What present ideas do you have?

Where can you purchase these presents?

When are you going to go shopping? 

Christmas guest list

Who is coming to visit for Christmas?

Is anyone staying at your house?

Who are you cooking for on the day?

Are you visiting friends / family? 

Do you have activities planned to keep the kids entertained?

Christmas / Boxing Day aftermath list

How are you going to dispose of all the rubbish?

When are the Christmas decorations coming down?

Where are you going to store your decorations?

Do you need to visit any friends or family between Christmas and New Years?

You can even get your children in on the act by asking them to make written wish lists for presents they would love. 

Christmas lists can take some of the hassle and stress out of Christmas. The more you organise and plan, the more prepared you’ll be come December 25th.

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