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Food Hack: How To Keep Food Fresh

Keep Food Fresh
Keep Food Fresh

Do you struggle to keep food fresh? Find yourself going to the supermarket more than you would like? These fresh food hacks should help you out. 

In the refrigerator

  • Wash berries with vinegar water to extend their shelf life. Vinegar has natural disinfectant and mould killing abilities that assist in keeping berries fresh longer. Mix one-part vinegar to three parts water and you’re good to go. Once washed keep your berries in a clean paper-lined container, or fastened in an air tight bag. 

  • Store leftover food in canning jars within your refrigerator. Not only are they ait-tight, but the see-through nature of the jars makes it easy to see what left-overs are in your fridge and how much you have left. 

  •  Don’t keep milk or dairy in the door of the refrigerator. This is the area most prone to temperature fluctuations; it is also the warmest section of the refrigerator. Keep items that are resistant to spoiling quickly in the doors. This includes condiments and juices. Reserve the middle shelf for milk. 

  • Keep your fruit and vegetables in separate sides of the crisper. Certain fruits and vegetables can make the other spoil quickly.  

In the pantry

  • Store potatoes with an apple to prevent sprouting. Small levels of ethylene gas, which is found in apples, supresses the elongation of the potatoes’ cells, preventing them from sprouting. This can reduce the life of your potatoes by weeks!

  • Ensure all your dry goods are kept in air tight containers. This keeps bugs out of your food and reduces spoilage. You can even use stackable options to neaten your pantry, and don’t forget labels. 

In the supermarket

  • Plan your meals in advance and only buy the produce required. By planning meals, you can create an itemised list off exactly everything you will need. Stick to this list when grocery shopping and you won’t end up with excessive amounts of food.  

  • If possible, shop locally. When you source fresh foods locally, from farmers’ markets or local sellers, you are buying the items as soon as they are picked and packed. Supermarkets often source their fruits and vegetables from overseas, which can reduce their longevity due to travel time. 

It’s over to you now! Do you have fresh food hacks? Share them with us on our Facebook wall.

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