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Getting Your Home Christmas Ready

It’s just over three weeks to Christmas. If you haven’t started getting your home Christmas ready, never fear, we’ve devised the perfect plan to remove disorder and chaos from your life. 

Week 1 

Starting now (yes right now!) it’s time to focus on decluttering areas of the home. We recommend giving each room a thorough clean and vacuum after sorting. The better the clean you do now, the easier and quicker your clean just before Christmas will be. 

Bedrooms - bedrooms are often full of clutter and personal belongings that are no longer needed. Designate the occupant of each bedroom to do a thorough cull before working through the clutter yourself. 

Look for clothes that are too small or tattered, old toys, and rubbish. This can all be removed in a swift sweep. If necessary, invest in some storage containers to organise inside wardrobes and beneath the bed. These can be a lifesaver for children’s toys. 

Garage/Yard – chances are you store your Christmas decorations inside the garage throughout the year. Now is the perfect time to give your garage a quick cleanse by removing excess rubbish and ensuring your decorations have a clear and accessible home to return to. 

Week 2

Bathrooms – if you’re having guest to stay or over for Christmas dinner you’re going to need your bathroom in tip top shape. Two weeks out from Christmas is an ideal time to remove old products, refresh the shower with new soaps and body wash and scrub it sparkling clean.  

Living area (s) – living areas can accumulate toys and rubbish ever so quickly. Spend an afternoon sorting and storing all items in the living areas before giving the area a good clean. 

Remember to get in the hidden corners and beneath the couch when vacuuming. Your living area is going to be a popular place come Christmas, getting it organised now will save you hassle on the day and after. 

Week 3

Kitchen – this is where most of the action is going to happen on Christmas day, so you want it as tidy and organised as possible! There is nothing worse than searching for a certain pan on Christmas morning only to find it missing! 

Sorting the kitchen should include removing spoiled food items, cleaning of dishes and glassware and serving platters in preparation, as well as the usual kitchen clean. 

Finalise decorations – we hope you’ve got your decorations in place by now, but if not, utilise the week before Christmas to ensure your home is filled with Christmas cheer and festivity. Focus on the areas you’ll use most come Christmas day.

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