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How To Store Christmas Decorations

Store Christmas Decorations
Store Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations can be the quite the investment. So when you find the perfect decoration, it’s a no brainer that you’ll want it to last from Christmas to Christmas for years to come.

Sorting your decorations correctly can make a large difference. 

We’ve outlined our suggestions for sorting and storing your Christmas decorations successfully. After all, we don’t want to find broken ornaments next year!

  • Use large plastic containers to keep everything neat and together - you don’t want to be storing your tree in one place, baubles in another, wreath in another and so on. By keeping everything sorted and together you’re making light work for yourself next year. And trust us, your future self will thank you.

  • Use egg cartons inside of plastic containers for tree ornaments – this is a fantastic way to ensure you keep your ornaments and baubles safe. These items are highly breakable so consider lining the egg cartons with an extra layer of tissue paper to be safe.

  • Store decorations in a dry spot – garages and basements have a tendency to get filled with dew as the seasons change. Store decorations in a dry spot (within air tight plastic containers) to prevent them from spoiling before next Christmas rolls around. 

  • Compact your Christmas tree with an old belt – chances are you have an old, unused belt lying around your home. Using one or two belts to reign in your Christmas tree makes it easy to store. Simply place a belt around the back of the tree and cinch it in to the smallest belt notch possible. Don’t pull it in too tightly that you’ll risk breaking the tree, instead, just enough to keep it manageable.

  • Store Christmas wreaths in hat boxes.

  • Keep Christmas lights untangled by wrapping them around a section of cardboard – by doing this you reduce the risk of pulling your lights out in one big messy ball. Consider changing any globes that have blown as you wrap them up to store. You’ll thank yourself next year!

  • Wrap candles in cellophane to prevent them from rubbing together and transferring colour. Try and store candles in as cool a place as possible to prevent them from melting. 

Do you have any tricks for storing Christmas decorations we should know about?

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