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Let’s Talk About Spring Cleaning

Let’s Talk About Spring Cleaning
Let’s Talk About Spring Cleaning

September is upon us and what does that mean? It’s time so start spring cleaning. 

As the weather starts to get warmer and the days longer, use this as motivation to organise clutter that may have built up over winter, and to give your home a thorough clean pre-summer!  


Everyone! There are no exceptions for spring cleaning. Get everyone you know into the act of sorting and cleaning their homes come September. Even your kids can help, especially with sorting their own belongings and bedrooms. 


Everything possible! There are no limitations for spring cleaning! 


Your home. Your car. Your garage. Your office. Anywhere you spend a relative amount of time and have personal belongings is a key area to target. Additionally, storage areas are another great spot for spring cleaning. Do you really need to hold onto everything you have hidden away in cupboards and wardrobes? Can you downsize any? Ask yourself all these questions. 


From the 1st of September until you get it all done. Aka. the sooner the better. 


Spring cleaning has become an unconscious movement over the years. As the weather warms up we start to feel more energised and alive. Those hidden dark spots of your home throughout winter are now shining with light and urging to be cleaned. Commercially, cleaning product companies also produce more advertising towards the end of winter to get everyone in on the action. Before you know it, you may be cleaning curtains or cushions, just because it’s spring. Don’t question this behaviour. Instead devote the time required and reap in the rewards of a sorted home all year long. 


Divide and conquer is a great motto for spring cleaning.

Start by getting a fresh notepad or piece of paper and listing all the areas of your home that need attention. You can include outside areas and work areas too. Devise an estimated time frame of how long it will take you to clean and sort each area. Try and be realistic on this front; you won’t get your whole house done in one day. It can be a good idea to split your spring cleaning over two weekends. This way you won’t be rushed and will ensure you get it done thoroughly. 

Just remember to get everyone involved. Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be left for mum to do. If everyone chips in, there will be more time to enjoy such a clean home.

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