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Q&A With Home Sorted!

Q&A With Home Sorted!

“I need your help Home Sorted! Our family room used to be clean and beautiful when we first moved into our current home. But over time I’ve noticed that we’ve had too many ‘spilt drink’ accidents and are accumulating a number of stains across the carpet. I’ve tried everything I can think of to remove them, but they’re not budging an inch. Do you have any advice?”

Carpet stains are horrible things; they happen to all of us and are so easy to make. However, with the right actions they can be managed and removed. 

Always treat stains as soon as they happen to prevent the liquid from having time to set into the carpet. 

Remove any excess liquid or solids

Use a clean, white, absorbent cloth to blot away any excess liquid that may have not soaked into the stain site. Start from the outside edge of the spill and work your way towards the middle to prevent the stain from spreading. 

Never rub at a stain as this can change the fibers of the carpet. Always blot!

Apply cleaning product to the stain

Spray your choice of carpet cleaning agent onto the stain and let to sit for ten minutes. Be careful not to overspray the stain as too much product can damage the backing of the carpet. 

If you wish to use a homemade solution stir one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid into one liter of warm water, then add ¼ teaspoon of white vinegar. 

If you use an off the shelve carpet spot remover from the supermarket, be sure to try it out in a hidden corner first to ensure it doesn’t discolor your carpet. 

Blot the stain

Using a fresh, white absorbent cloth, blot the stain from the outside in until no more colour from the stain transfers onto the cloth. Rinse the cloth clean and do a final blot of the stain with cold water. 

Your carpet should be stain free and beautiful again! 

Drying the carpet

To speed track the drying process fold paper towels until you have a bundle ½ inch thick. Use these paper towels to cover the damp area and weigh them down with a heavy object. 

Repeat this process until the cleaned area is dry once more! 

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