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Q&A With Home Sorted!

“Hello Home Sorted! I have a dilemma with my garden and would love your advice. I live in a two-bedroom unit in the suburbs. My garden area is small, slightly overrun with weeds, and lacking that special something. I enjoy sitting outside in the sun with the weekend newspaper, but of late I can’t seem to concentrate with this disaster of a garden in the background. I’m no DIY expert or green thumb, but I need to fix it fast. Help!”

Q&A With Home Sorted!
Q&A With Home Sorted!

Your garden should be a tranquil space. The moment you step out into the sunshine you need to feel at home and relaxed. Any small garden can be transformed with a few easy steps and a bit of garden maintenance. 

Kill the weeds

To quickly get rid of weeds you need to spray them with herbicide or a home made natural weed killer. This can be difficult as you don’t want to ruin the plants surrounding the weeds. 

One nifty solution is to cut a two litre soft drink bottle in half. Place the top half of the bottle over the weed you want to kill and then using a spray bottle squirt herbicide or a natural home made weed killer into the opening at the top of the soft drink bottle. Allow the spray to settle before picking up the bottle and moving onto the next weed in your garden. Simply repeat until you’re weed free! 

Fix your lawn

A dry, unkempt lawn can be quite an eye sore. Fix this problem by attending to your lawn year round. Depending on the damage to your lawn there are several steps you can take. 

Firstly, you need to air the lawn. Take a garden fork and push it into the grass wiggling it back and forth. This allows the soil to loosen so air and rain can get down to the roots of the grass. 

The next step is raking out any dead grass that may have accumulated, once again this helps rain to penetrate the soil. 

If the damage runs deeper than this, you may need to consider repairing dead spots of lawn by digging a sod of lawn from another section and planting it into the dead spot. 

Create a relaxing space

Once you’ve saved your garden from weeds and fixed the lawn, it’s time to create a relaxing space to enjoy your garden. 

A small coloured table and chair set can create a beautiful space to read, especially if you position it where the morning sun hits. Most furniture stores stock a range of small sets during the summer months at a very affordable price. 

Additionally, you may consider planting a small cluster of easy to maintain flowers or plants to brighten up the space. 

Best of luck!

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