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Quick Fixes: Organising The Laundry

Organising The Laundry
Organising The Laundry

How do you organise your laundry? Do you have the perfect system in place? Or do you wash your clothes in a chaotic jumble of mess?

Either way, organising the laundry is an important task for making life easier. We’ve gathered up some useful tips and suggestions perfect for everyone. 

Utilise cube storage shelves

Cube storage shelves provide a great space to keep items, sorted, but in plain view. 

Items that can be stored in these shelves include towels, cleaning products, spare washing powder, toilet paper, pet food. 

The opportunities are endless. Just be sure to keep heavier items to the bottom shelves, and lighter items like towels and toilet paper near the top. 

Fill containers with washing powder

Do you ever have that problem when the box your washing powder comes in splits down the side? Or is the box too large to physically handle in a graceful manner? 

When organising the laundry consider keeping your washing powder in containers or jars. You can get a container large enough for the whole box of powder, or a couple of smaller ones to make it easier to handle. The choice is yours, just make sure the opening is wide to accommodate scooping. 

What’s even better is that air tight containers keep your washing powder fresh for longer!

Organise your laundry products in their order of use

This may sound a little like overkill but it really helps when faced with a whole families washing. Order your washing products in the order that you use them, such as stain remover, then soaking powder, washing powder, followed by wool wash and fabric softener for those loads when these are necessary. 

When organising these, also have a good clean out of any old products you purchased and discarded to the back of the cupboard. It’s time for these unwanted products to meet the trash, or be repurposed in other areas of your home. 

Have multiple washing baskets on the go

Multiple washing baskets make organising your laundry super easy and efficient. If you’re short on space, stackable container or wire basket drawers are a perfect alternative. Use a drawer for your whites, darks, colours, and if you have space your delicates. 

Get your family into the habit of sorting their washing into the respective laundry baskets as soon as they take their dirty clothes off.  Consider using labels on the baskets to make the system friendly for kids and forgetful grown ups.

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