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Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe With Our Tips

Updated: Feb 16

Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe With Our Tips

Is summer getting the better of your wardrobe?

Here in Australia we’re in the midst of summer. The days are warm – depending on which state or territory you live in – which means summer dressing is in full swing. 

But have you considered your wardrobe and how a simple refresh or sorting can make dressing even easier? 

Declutter first 

First up is decluttering. In order to have a truly sorted wardrobe you need to weed out the clothes you no longer wear, the ones that don’t fit, and those you’re only holding onto for sentimental reasons. We recommend removing everything from inside your wardrobe so you can start with a blank canvas. Items you no longer want can be given to charity, resold, or placed in the trash depending on their condition. As a rule of thumb, only donate clothes to charity that you would also give a friend. 

Sort by type

Once you have decluttered your wardrobe it’s time to commence sorting. A great way to sort your wardrobe is by type. This means hanging and folding like items together. For example, you would hang dresses together, then pants, then skirts, then tops etc. This also allows you to find items quickly as needed. 

Consider trans-seasonal items

Since we’re in the midst of summer, you may also wish to consider trans-seasonal items. These are clothing items that can be worn across multiple seasons such as cardigans or long sleeve tops. If these are something you wear frequently, it’s worth keeping them in an easily accessible location within your wardrobe or drawers. However, seasonal items are another story… 

Store seasonal items 

Seasonal items, especially those designed for winter warmth, are bulky and space stealing. The easiest way to refresh, sort, and save space within your wardrobe is to store seasonal items. During summer you may choose to store winter coats, thick woolen jumpers, and scarves to name a few. 

We recommend using vacuum seal bags to keep items in a dust-free home until they are needed as the weather cools down. Vacuum seal bags are also compressed so you’ll find they fit in smaller spaces such as under your bed or on top of your wardrobe – instance space for summer dressing to take centre stage! 

Still need help? 

If you’re stuck in the process of sorting your wardrobe or any area of your home, consider our decluttering plan.

Here you’ll receive tools and resources, along with hands-on-help from one of our Professional Organisers to get your home sorted and ready for you to enjoy all summer long! 

Go on, get your wardrobe sorted today. 

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