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Sharing The Family Room

Sharing The Family Room
Sharing The Family Room

The family room is a place where adults and children coexist. It needs to be designed and sorted in a way that allows for both adult relaxation and children’s play. 

It’s essential to make a welcoming space for all. Here is our advice for sharing the family room! 

Have a play space

Children want to play. There is no question about it. Create a designated play space for your children in one section of your family room. Think about devising rules as to what is allowed in this play space. Having limitations in place can make it slightly easier to keep your children’s toys under control. 

You can mark this section of the family room with a mat or rug. If you have the space a children’s size table and chairs is perfect for giving your children a place to draw and be creative or even eat snacks at. 

Utilise bookcases

Bookcases are the hidden gem of family rooms. They can be used to store almost anything. You can stack books – both adult and children – for easy access, store board games, and even display family photographs. 

A fun trick for decorating bookcases is to colour code your books like a rainbow. This works especially great with children’s books because their spines generally come in a multitude of colours and designs. 

Plan for durability

Your furniture in the family room needs to be durable. Children have a beautiful knack for turning almost anything into a game or toy. Durable furniture will last longer and stand the test of time up against your children’s crazy imagination. 

Baskets look great and store items well

Baskets make organising the family room a cinch. You can use them to store toys, magazines, newspapers, or odds and ends that have accumulated. Just don’t get in the habit of throwing anything and everything into the baskets. You want to use them as effective storage, not a rubbish bin. 

One idea is to designate a basket to each member of your family. This way they have their own storage space within the family room that is their responsibility to take care of. 

The family room shouldn’t cause you an ounce of worry. 

The more organised and sorted you keep your family room and belongings, the more time you’ll have to enjoy the space with your partner and children. 

How do you keep your family room friendly for all?

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