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Tips For Managing Your Personal Life

Updated: Apr 15

When owning a franchise, it’s easy to fall into a routine that focuses on work and only work. 

Being focused is fantastic, but you simply cannot let your personal life slide or get compromised in the process. 

Here are out tips for managing your personal life as a franchisee. 

Don’t skip your kids’ events 

School concerts, sporting matches, birthday parties… they may not sound like the most important occasions in your eyes, but to your kids they are. 

Don’t skip your kids’ events because you have franchisee work to complete. Instead, schedule as much time into your family life, as you do your work life. 

In order to manage your personal life well, you need to aim for balance and feelings of satisfaction from both areas. You won’t achieve this satisfaction if you start to neglect one area in favour of another. 

Chances are you’ll also regret missing these important milestones down the track. So keep it simple, attend your kids’ events, and enjoy them! 

Exercise to reduce stress

Part of managing your personal life is keeping yourself healthy and your life balanced. Exercise is a fantastic method to switch off from the hectic nature of life as a franchisee and to reduce stress whilst doing so. 

You don’t have to commit to a full fledged gym schedule; that would be counter productive anyway with such a busy life. Instead, take small moments to exercise. Go for a walk after dinner once daylight savings starts. Take a weekly yoga class with friends. Or simply aim to be more active with your kids. 

Every little piece of exercise, incidental or planned, will help manage your personal life and keep everything balanced. 

Don’t risk your whole life

It’s temping to throw everything you own behind your franchise; you want to be all in and you want your business to succeed. 

Whilst, it’s often the big risks that pay off, these decisions and business gamble, need to be calculated and have all options weighed up. 

Don’t risk everything you have by placing all of your assets into your franchise. 

You need to have a contingency plan in place, and tying all your finances into the business may not be what’s best in the long run.

Think hard, write a budget about what is a realistic financial commitment and stick to it.  

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