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Toy Overload, How To Stop The Family Room From Resembling A Toy Shop

Toy Overload, How To Stop The Family Room From Resembling A Toy Shop

There’s an inner child in all of us. We adore a good toy store for the colours, lights and sheer entertainment. 

But are your kid’s toys overtaking your family room? 

Have you forgotten what your space used to resemble without the toys?

There is a fine line between having toys in the family room and having too many toys in the family room. A balance needs to be struck between adult belongings and kids toys. 

With a few simple tricks you can take back your family room and make it a sanctuary for all to enjoy. 

Make smart decisions when buying toys

Kids toys come in all shapes and sizes, and well, some toys are easier on the eye than others! 

Think deeply before purchasing the next toy that your kids grab off the shelf whilst out shopping. If you don’t like the toy in the store, you probably won’t want to have it living in your family room for an extended period of time. 

Making smart decisions in the short-term can have long-term benefits.  

Incorporate play areas into your family room

Designate a section of the family room to your kids as their own play area. Create boundaries that specify toys must remain within the designated area and encourage your kids to keep their area tidy. 

It’s not always realistic to keep toys hidden, but it doesn’t mean they need to be an inconvenience on your family and space.

Budding artists could utilise a drawing zone created with chalkboard paint on a section of wall, or an easel that fits into the décor of your home. 

Possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  

Maintain a toy rotation schedule

How often do you see a tornado of mess left behind as your kids switch from one toy to the next?

These little humans have the knack for being easily distracted when given too many opportunities, especially when it comes to toys. 

Implement a toy roster that allows your kids to choose a manageable number of toys at the start of the day. Remind them that they get new choices every day to reduce the chance of tantrums when they change their mind about choosing building blocks instead of toy cars. 

Accept the clutter

Lastly, do all you can to accept the clutter!

Make a conscious decision to acknowledge that there will be disorder within the family room. It’s only natural and finding the elusive balance will take time. 

Hang in there!

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