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We Sort It and You Find It When You Need It!

Decluttering Services

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Free Yourself from Clutter!

Disorganisation differs in every home! For some of us, it's spread across benchtops, for others its' tucked in behind the safety of our cupboards!


Daily routines have a huge impact on the build-up of our clutter. We assess your routine and your daily habits to ensure your home is always clutter-free.

Regardless of the size, storage space or current set-up of your home, our solutions are adaptable to all home layouts.

Your line in your home...not us! So we work together to create a clear plan that is best for your space and your goals.

We understand that money is tight for most families, so we've created simple, effective and affordable decluttering plans, with dedicated care to help you.

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Home Sorted! Services
Home Sorted! Services

Life is busy, we are constantly rushing and have limited time to do the things we enjoy. Clutter can build very quickly! A pair of shoes dumped in the wrong place today will equal a new pile of clutter next week.

Our decluttering services will provide a practical set-up for you to easily follow, so when your days are busy you’ll know where to find what you need when you need it.

Home Sorted! Sorting Services
Home Sorted! Sorting Services
Room Organising

Each room of the home serves its unique purpose. How is it then that most items in your home tend to move to the next room without your approval? A place for everything and everything in its place sounds great. 

We’ll create the right home layout for each room of your home and personalise it to your space.

Storage Solutions

Home storage spaces will turn into a cluttered nightmare if not properly organised. Any spare drawer or cupboard can easily extend to your bench tops being filled with over-stacked extra storage items. 

Our storage solutions are created to ensure that you’ll always find things when you need them. 

Home Sorted! Sorting Services
Explore Packages

Affordable Decluttering Packages

Packages from only *$74 per hour

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6 Hours

3 Month Expiry


Home Reshuffle

Quick & Effective Sorting

Excellent Results in a Day

Melbourne Metro Areas Only

Consultation Fee Fully Redeemable

White bathroom interior

12 Hours

6 Month Expiry


New Space Layout

Clutter Reduction

Multiple Day Pack

Melbourne Metro Areas Only

Consultation Fee Fully Redeemable

Image by Anna Sullivan

24 Hours

12 Month Expiry


Full Home Declutter

Remove Excess Clutter

Divide Hours into Regular Sessions

Melbourne Metro Areas Only

Consultation Fee Fully Redeemable

Our Process To Get You Sorted!

Show Us Your Clutter … No Judgement … We’re Here to Help!

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Create a stress-free living space today. Schedule a consultation with Home Sorted!

“Home Sorted transformed my cluttered and chaotic living space into an organised and peaceful sanctuary. Thank you!”

- Sarah K.

“I was impressed by Home Sorted!'s professionalism and efficiency. They truly transformed my home and made it a more functional and organised space.”

- John S.

“Home Sorted!'s personalised organisation systems and storage solutions have been a game-changer for my family. Highly recommend their services!”

- Lisa M.

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