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Keen to sort your own home? We have options...

Home Sorted! DIY


Our Services

Assistance at Home!

Home Sorted! offer a wide range of DIY & hands-on home sorting services.


We’re the experts in making the best use of your space. 


We assist you in sorting your home, and relocating, and also help you to live better whilst stuck at home working or studying!

Kitchen Interior



Guided Sorting

In-Home A-Z Review

Virtual Consultations

Kitchen Cabinet



Live Learning

Learn From the Experts

Create a Clear Action Plan

Interior Design


Online Course

DIY Guidance

My Home Sorted! Course

Learn & Sort At Your Own Time


Our Home Sorted! virtual consultations offer live sorting sessions with you in your home. We guide you on how to best set up your space to work for you and your family. We’ll help you to part with items that no longer serve you, as well as how to set up practical spaces within each room of your home.

We offer individual virtual consultation hours from *$89.00, as well as multiple hourly sessions available. 

Home Sorted! Virtual Consultation
Home Sorted! Virtual Consultation
Interactive Workshop

Our Home Sorted! Workshop will provide great tips and advice from our experts on how to sort your own home.  We’ll help you to create a plan, learn how to manage what appears to be a large task into a practical and manageable project.

Our workshop will teach you how to enjoy your home again, and how to apply practical tasks to keep your home clutter free all year.

We will help you to style your home by way of recycling room-by-room and creating a clutter-free neatly decorated backdrop.

DIY Course

Our Home Sorted! DIY course is designed to offer room by room assistance with sorting your home. We have divided our course into small and practical steps, teaching you how to declutter every area of your home. 

You’ll learn applicable steps on how to finally get sorted, as well as how to keep it sorted on a regular basis.

Home Sorted! DIY Course

20+ Years Experience

Fully Insured

Local Assistance

Full Police Checks

WWC Checks

Friendly & Trustworthy

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