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Decorated Bedroom
Refresh Your Home and Have It Dressed To Impress

Home Styling Services


Over the years we tend to accumulate many items. Most of them are special to us but may have dated with new trends. As we sort through your cupboards we are bound to find some beautiful pieces, that were once on display, but now hidden in dark corners.

We have a good eye for detail and will revive your treasures by sorting them decoratively to be the finishing touch to your neatly sorted home.

Home Sorted! Styling Services
Home Sorted! Styling Services

Our team will help you to recycle in two ways. The first is to physically help you to remove any unneeded items and to donate them to any local relevant charities. The other is to help you cleverly recycle your excessively displayed home decor. 

We will help you to style your home by way of recycling room-by-room and creating a clutter-free neatly decorated backdrop.

Storage Solutions

Replacing your current method of styling your home with a new and fresh eye will make a huge difference to your current layout.  Any styling ideas that you’ve seen whilst exploring social media images or in the media we can apply simply and effectively?

We will work with you to achieve your preferred style and feel within your home. 

Home Sorted! Styling Services

Styling Packages

Packages from only *$149 per hour

Kitchen Interior

4 Hours

1 Month Expiry


Clever Re-Organisation

New & Neat Layout

Multi-Room Setup

Consultation Fee Fully Redeemable

Kitchen Cabinet

6 Hours

1 Month Expiry


Decor Refresh

Furniture Rearrangement

Personalised Layout

Consultation Fee Fully Redeemable

Interior Design

12 Hours

1 Month Expiry


Tailored New Layout

Product Practical Organising

Reorganise Cupboards

Consultation Fee Fully Redeemable

Our Process To Get You Sorted!

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