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Entertaining Kids Over The Christmas Holidays

Entertaining Kids Over The Christmas Holidays
Entertaining Kids Over The Christmas Holidays

Entertaining kids

Entertaining kids over the Christmas holidays can be fun and easy! 

There are so many activities that allow for Christmas cheer to be spread and enjoyed that you’ll want in on the fun times too. 

Bake festive cookies

Festive cookies are a fantastic way to ensure you’re entertaining the kids and have yummy goodies around the house to enjoy. 

Sing carols together

There is nothing better than a family carolling session. You get to enjoy Christmas tunes and build spirit into every member of the family. Carols are a fantastic way to get everyone involved. Toddlers will love learning the words and dancing to the holidays tunes. Jingle bells, jingle bells…

Create Christmas decorations

Who doesn’t love to look around their home and admire the decorations crafted by members of the family. They’re beautiful items that can be looked back upon year after year. 

You can make tree ornaments out of polystyrene balls decorated with glitter or sequins.  Christmas banners, Christmas cards, Christmas paper garlands. The options are quite endless. 

Day trip to the beach

Nothing says Christmas in Australia quite like warm weather, a family BBQ and an outing to the beach. 

 Entertaining the kids is so easy at the beach. A few buckets and shovels and you’ve given them the licence to become sandcastle master builders. 

Or a healthy game of beach cricket is a great way to get EVERYONE involved. And by everyone, that means you too. Get out there and enjoy the sunshine with the kids. 

Prepare meals together

You may not want your kids assisting in the kitchen on Christmas day, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help in the lead up to Christmas. Have nightly cooking sessions and prepare dinner together. 

It may take a little longer to get food on the table, but your kids will love chopping up vegetables and being assistant chefs. 

Ask your kids to make Christmas presents for their family

We adore a hand made gift here at Home Sorted! Kids don’t have the money to head to the shops and buy everyone expensive gifts, so why not implement a hand made gift policy. Thinking of ideas and making the items are sure to keep everyone entertained for a few days at least! 

Do you have a tried and tested way of entertaining kids over Christmas? Tell us. We’d love to know. 

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