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10 Lego Organisation Tips

Let’s talk Lego!

Lego organisation
Lego organisation

It’s a favourite pastime for adults and children alike. Hundreds of coloured bricks connected together into wonderful creations, limited only by ones’ imagination. 

But how do you store your Lego? Lego organisation can be a tricky one, with blocks multiplying with each purchase. 

You don’t need to get super particular and sort it by colour as the above image indicates. Instead, using a few savvy ideas, Lego organisation won’t even cross your mind. 

It will simply be sorted! 

  1. Big plastic tubs 

This option for Lego organisation is a no-brainer. Purchase several large plastic tubs and simply place all the bricks inside and slip on the lid. Stackable tubs are great because as your child’s collection grows you can add more tubs in a neat stack. 

  1. Create a Lego table

A fantastic idea for children is to create a Lego table. This can double as a play area and storage. 

Start by utilising a small children’s table and affixing Lego baseplates (you know those big green squares you can build off) onto the top of the table. You can use superglue to get them stuck on tight. 

Consider constructing some pull out drawers beneath the table for Lego brick storage, or if the table is large enough, build boxes onto the top at one end. 

A Lego table will give your children hours of fun, whilst maintaining a strong base for Lego organisation! 

  1. Repurpose a toolbox for Lego

Toolboxes are great for Lego organisation. They offer compartmentalised options and a savvy way to keep your bricks and mini figures under control. 

No matter the system you choose within the toolbox, the sheer number of compartments and drawers will work to your advantage. 

And even better, a toolbox is easily transportable from one room in the house to another, or across the street to your neighbours. 

  1. Use binders to store instruction manuals

Create an organisation system for instruction manuals within a four ring binder. Fill the binder with plastic sleeves to keep your manuals in. 

You can break them into smaller categories such as planes, trains, cars, boats, houses, or simply file in chronological order of purchase. 

  1. Don’t fear if you lose a manual or two!

If you happen to lose an instruction manual at one point or another, don’t fret. They’re all available for PDF download from Lego’s official website. 

How cool is that?

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