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Sorting Kids Toys

Updated: Mar 12

Sorting Kids Toys: Franchisee Resource Guide
Sorting Kids Toys: Franchisee Resource Guide

When sorting kid’s bedrooms, you will inevitably have to sort their toys. It can be a mountain of a task. How do you store excessive amounts of blocks, books, dolls, action figures… you get the picture. 

The most important rule is to always cull. When birthdays and Christmas roll around, get a big cardboard box and ask the kids to find toys they no longer play with. These can be handed down to other family members or donated to charity when no longer needed. 

The better the culling process, the easier it is to sort kids toys. 

We’ve compiled a list of fantastic storage ideas for you to use, within your home and your client’s homes. 

Use collapsible or plastic storage boxes to separate toys

You can do this within a bookshelf as the image above shows, or they can be stacked neatly depending on the type of box you use. 

By sorting toys into boxes you create a system of organisation. One box for dolls, one box for cars, and so on and so forth. Once you have a system in place you can even consider labelling the boxes as a clear reminder to kids where their toys belong. 

Hide toys beneath the bed

When we say hide toys beneath the bed, we don’t mean you should simply stuff as many teddies beneath the mattress as possible. 

Instead consider using a trundle bed as a roll out toy shelf. You can store a whole array of toys or books beneath the bed this way. And best of all, when its time for the toys to be put away, it’s simply a small push and ta-da, you now have a clean bedroom. 

Utilise bookshelves for similar items

Bookshelves don’t need to be restricted to books. You can store toy cars, dolls, Lego, figurines, basically anything small enough to sit on a shelf will work. 

Designate a shelf for different items. You can even make a game out of it by turning a shelf into a car garage for toy cars. The more inventive you become the more your kids will love the idea and play along! 

Look out for more in this series over the coming weeks. These franchisee resource guides are the perfect tool to look up if you’re stuck for ideas or pondering how to tackle your next job!

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