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Learn About Our NDIS Services

Have you heard that we are offering NDIS services designed to remove the stress of decluttering and sorting your home? That’s right – our aim is to support NDIS participants as they learn how to live better within their home. 

Following an initial home assessment - more on that later, plus a great deal - we will work with you to set up your home in a comfortable and practical way. Read on to discover more. 

Improve your day-to-day life

Have you ever wished your day-to-day life could be a tad easier? Maybe you struggle to find or reach items when you need them. You may struggle to move freely around your home and find yourself wishing for a better layout that accommodates your needs. No matter the scenario – our NDIS services have been created to help. We always start with a full home assessment to ensure we 100% understand your needs, your goals, as well as what is and isn’t working within your current home.  

Learn skills to sort your home

Our NDIS services are unique in that they provide you with a helping hand, but also an opportunity to learn the skills required to sort your home and keep it sorted. Each subscription package comes with My Home Sorted! – our DIY course that is filled with step-by-step tips to help you declutter and sort your home. 

Feel prepared for independent living

We believe it’s important to equip our NDIS clients with skills for life, so they will feel prepared for independent living. Our services include home sorting, cleaning services, meal planning, and online shopping to name a few. Depending on your choice of subscription you will have two, four or six hours of weekly support – with the remaining time filled by your own independence!  

Enjoy a tailored approach

If you’re looking for a cookie cutter approach or someone to tell you how things must be done – with no empathy or exceptions, you’re in the wrong place. Our team of professional organisers are trained to provide you with a tailored approach that matches your exact needs. This is a judgement free zone so you can feel comfortable talking about your skills, your needs, and how we can help. 

Why would we declutter your home, if you’d rather have assistance in maximising the storage within your home? The same can be said to cleaning and meal planning. If you’re someone who loves to cook and has the ability – we’ll skip over this aspect and use our time to support you in ways that you need most. 

What’s next? 

If you’re ready to enable better living with our NDIS services? Then don’t wait. For the month of June, we are offering a FREE home consultation (valued at $199.00) with every NDIS subscription package.

That’s right – this offer is open to new subscribers and allows you to maximise your weekly support. Talk about an offer too good to pass up!

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