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Professional Organising Sorted!

Learn from the experts how to succeed in the industry.

 Keen to get started in the Professional Organising industry?

Our self paced Professional Organising Course is designed to help you to grow.

Learn What It Takes

Professional Organiser Career

Gain Experience

Job Portal Access

What You'll Achieve

Sort Home as a Job
A Career as a
Profesional Organiser

In an industry where we are constantly learning, it can be difficult to do it all alone!

We are Home Sorted! with over 20 years of experience sorting peoples homes. We love to help people, and have created a Professional Organising course designed to assist you to expand your Professional and Personal Development skills.

An opportunity to learn more about a career as Professional Organiser, complete with potential local job opportunities with paid work and a place to grow your skills.

At the end of each learning module, you’ll complete an optional assignment, all designed for you to create your own personalised full business plan. The more you learn & apply, the more successful your business will be!

Simply download your course guide to learn more about what our course has to offer.

Download Our Business Guide
Is a career as a Professional Organiser right for you?

LEARN more about our business on offer! 

Our Course Modules

Everything you need to know to about how to run your Professional Organising business, and how to turn your passion into an income.


Why This Course?

When considering a career change, you need to look within yourself, and understand your passion. As we are all aware, most of us work more hours in a week than we spend relaxing! 

Finding a career that allows you to be rewarded for a job you love can be very difficult. We can honestly say that if you love to sort your own home, then you’ll thrive in a career as a Professional Home Organiser.

Ongoing Support
On the Job Learning
Business Start Up & Growth Strategies
Professional Organising Online Course
Professional Organising Business Forum
Take Control of Your Career
Create Your Own...

Free Time

Peace Of Mind



Bonus Coaching & Mentoring

In line with our Live & Interactive Professional Organising Sorted! Course we also offer added Business Building bonuses.

Kitchen Interior

Professional Organising

Online Course with Live Interactive Classes


Professional Organising Sorted! Course
One-Day Mentored Course
Live Master Classes Hosted by Nina
Full Assignment Reviews
2 Hour one-on-one personalised Business Planning Session with Nina
Business Plan Creation
Business Forum Access with 100s of Topics offering Business Tips & Advice

Frequently Asked Questions
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