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4 Perks Of Being A Home Sorted! Franchisee During Christmas

Updated: Apr 12

Being A Home Sorted! Franchisee During Christmas

We’ve discussed the perks of being a franchisee time and time again. But what we haven’t touched on are the perks of being a Home Sorted! franchisee during the holiday season. 

You get to decide when and where family time occurs

Christmas is a time when families come together to celebrate. As a Home Sorted! franchisee you get to utilise your work-life flexibility, to ensure that you see everyone and spend as much time celebrating as you please. 

Simply said, you get to decide how to spend your time and when to schedule clients into your schedule. 

Everyone needs a little organisation at Christmas

The Home Sorted! mantra of home sorted = life sorted could not be any truer than at Christmas. 

As people start to unpack their Christmas decorations and festive cheer, they may also unpack the realisation that their home and storage system is getting a little out of hand. They may feel the need to bring in the professionals, either before or after Christmas, to give them a hand sorting through the chaos. 

Christmas is the perfect time to bump up advertising about getting your home sorted for the new year. 

We know it ourselves - it’s far better starting a new year with a freshly organised home – but does everyone else feel this way? 

A subtle nudge of advertising may be all that’s necessary. 

Your own Christmas will be a cinch! 

As a home organisation professional you’ll look at Christmas (and the lead up) as just another day. 

Chances are your decorations are perfectly stored, you started shopping for gifts in October and you’ve had your dinner menu planned for weeks. 

Utilising your passion for organising is great for reducing the stress typically associated with the holidays. 

Who needs work-life balance, when you can utilise your work to CREATE life balance! 

Organising professionals have a tendency to be organised. This may be a little understatement, but chances are you’ve been ready for a long time... 

It’s only a matter of weeks before you get to hit the ground running for the new year. If you haven’t already, consider these two questions: do you have your career goals set? And do you know what you want to achieve? 

Who are we kidding, you’re ready. You’re a Home Sorted! franchisee. You even knew the Christmas perks when you came on-board!

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