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5 Signs You’re Bored Working 9 – 5

5 Signs You’re Bored Working 9 – 5
5 Signs You’re Bored Working 9 – 5

Most people follow the same path. School, university and then 9 – 5 employment within your chosen field of study.

Your journey may differ slightly, but the point to be noted here is that the majority of society find themselves working 9 – 5 jobs they either love, loathe or tolerate. 

If you’re in the latter two categories, you may be getting itchy feet. You may be feeling complacent or yearning for a new challenge. In fact, you may simply be bored. 

Here, we share five signs you’re bored working 9 – 5 and what to do next! 

  1. You dread the workweek each Sunday

Think about how you spend your weekends. Do you fill every moment with family, friends and distractions before feeling an overwhelming sense of dread each Sunday night? This feeling is referred to by psychologists as ‘anticipatory anxiety’ and can include nervousness about the week ahead. While anyone can experience dread, those who are unhappy in their current role can experience this to a greater extent. 

  1. Your body is showing signs of stress

Stress manifests itself in different ways. However common presentations include stomach issues, restlessness, irritability and fatigue. You may also feel a sense of unease when thinking about work. If this sounds familiar to you, it may be time to consider if your current employment is best serving your needs. 

  1. You’re feeling frustrated about not meeting personal goals 

Similar to the point above are personal goals. Let’s say your intention is to advance in your career each 12 – 24 months. You undertake learning in areas that you need to upskill however your boss and management team keep overlooking you for promotions. You know you have the ability, but they cannot see you thriving outside of your current role and this means you’re feeling frustrated at your lack of career advancement. While you may choose to stick it out in the hope that your number comes up, there are other options such as switching careers or investing in a franchise. It comes down to assessing which option will provide you the autonomy and fulfilment that you crave. 

  1. You have emotionally checked out of your job

If you’re turning up for work each day and simply ticking boxes, you may have emotionally checked out of your job. What this means is that you’re completing the bare minimum for your employment. You’re not looking to advance, you’re not feeling satisfied, and if you didn’t need money to pay bills you probably wouldn’t show up at all. Sound familiar? 

  1. You’re constantly searching for new opportunities 

Do you find yourself spending hours searching job listings, looking for ways to upskill or transfer your learning into a different role – you may be craving something new and challenging, which leads us into our next idea. 

What next? 

If you relate to one or more points above, you may be the perfect match for a franchise. A franchise allows you to run your own business under the guidance of a developed and successful brand. You can plan your own schedule, work as little or as much as you choose, and have complete control of your career direction and earning potential. 

If you ask us, it’s a pretty great opportunity and we’re keen to meet people looking for a chance to succeed. 

We look forward to working with you in the future!

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