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4 Reasons Why Franchisee Friendships Are Good For Business

Updated: Apr 4

Franchisee Friendships
Franchisee Friendships

Franchisee friendships have the ability to make your business life flourish and thrive. As someone who works from home, or within a small franchise, the road to success can be lonely. Often it’s you and only you slogging out the hard yards. 

However, with the right franchisee friendships, the journey can become easier and even more rewarding. Here’s why!

  1. Support network 

As stated above working from home, or the location of your franchise can be a lonely road. If you are not at the stage of hiring employees, it can feel like a journey into the depths of a black hole. You need people to vent to, people who understand what it is you are going through and most importantly people who will support you through this time. 

Other franchise owners are perfect for this; as they are in the same position as you, franchisee friendships can become life long, rewarding relationships. 

  1. Instant advice

Okay, you’re developing these franchisee friendships and something goes wrong with your business. You may be struggling to calculate your finances, or having trouble with advertising. These friendships are wonderful for instant advice and help, as after all, these friends have or are going through the exact same thing. 

Additionally, they may be the fresh eyes you need to look at your business from another angle.  

  1. Connections 

What’s that age old saying? “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. Franchisee friendships can be the leg up you need to develop and generate business opportunities. It may be sharing a client base with each other, or a partnership where you promote each others services to your clients. Either way, having connections with other franchisees can be a fantastic asset. 

  1. Inspiration

We’ve talked about inspiration on previous posts: here and here. Generating inspiration and staying motivated can be a whole lot easier with friends in the same boat as you. 

Look towards your franchisee friendships for inspiration. View their success and skills as something to aspire towards and better yet, be an inspiration for them too. 

People who are willing to view others success under a positive light are the ones who succeed in the business world. Jealousy is best left behind and replaced with a clear, supportive nature. Your franchisee friendships are a two-way street. Support and inspire them, and they’ll do the same for you.

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