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5 Reasons To Hold A Garage Sale

5 Reasons To Hold A Garage Sale
5 Reasons To Hold A Garage Sale

There’s a strong chance you’ve been spring cleaning recently. If so, did you manage to accumulate a pile of belongings you no longer want or need? Or maybe you’re moving house soon? Or need to downsize? 

Whatever your reason, holding a garage sale can be a fantastic tool to get rid of unwanted belongings and make a few dollars along the way. After all, your trash is someone else’s treasure!

Keep reading for our top 5 reasons to hold a garage sale. 

  1. There is no need to move unwanted belongings far

It’s great to donate your old bits and pieces to charity, but one of the perks of holding a garage sale is that you don’t need to move unwanted belongings far. 

Simply fling open your front door, set up some tables in your front yard or driveway, and carry your unwanted goods out. Position them across your tables and you’re good to go! Easy as!

  1. Team up with neighbours and have a bigger garage sale

A great idea is getting your neighbours involved in the action. If you have unwanted belongings in your garage, chances are, they do too. 

Combine your belongings and host a larger garage sale, or even a street sale if you can get everyone involved. This is also a perfect way to bond with your neighbours and get to know those people who live next door.  

  1. Earn some extra dollars to treat yourself

The rule of thumb with a garage sale is any money you make is money you wouldn’t normally have. And extra money is okay by us. 

Whilst it’s great to use these funds for important purchases, make sure you keep a little aside to treat yourself or your family. Whether it’s a trip to the cinema or ice cream, make sure you reward your hard work with something pleasant. 

  1. The whole family can be involved

The humble garage sale is not just for adults. Kids can get involved in the setting up and selling processes.

 It’s a great environment for kids to learn more about money and to witness bargain hunters in action. You never know, your son or daughter may be a natural born haggler?  

  1. You WILL reduce clutter in your home

This last point should be a no-brainer. Holding a garage sale is sure to reduce disorder and clutter within your home. Think about all the excess belongings you could pass on to a new home. Think about the free space you could create.

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