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3 Tips On Keeping Kid’s Prying Noses Out Of The Garage

Kid’s Prying Noses Out Of The Garage
Kid’s Prying Noses Out Of The Garage

Ever since I can remember, kids have been inquisitive beings. They like to know what’s going on in the household and will often stick their noses in places you’d rather they wouldn’t. This is going to happen, you know it, don’t deny the fact. However, there are ways to reduce this intrigue and keep your kids out of the garage. 

Don’t make it a mystery

Have you ever noticed how the very moment you say “no” or “you can’t go in there” to your children their interest grows even more? By telling them they can’t go into the garage you’re only going to increase their desire and potential for becoming sneaky little humans. 

For this reason, try not to make your garage a mystery. It can be a dangerous place as it often houses power tools and gardening equipment like the lawn mower. Show your children that they are allowed in the garage with adult supervision, or that certain areas of the garage are 100% off limits. 

This depends on what is kept in your garage of course! 

Remember to tell your kids why you don’t want them in the garage. Express the nature of dangerous equipment and your desire to keep them safe and out of harms way. Chances are that by explaining your reasons behind the rules, your kids will be more likely to understand and respect the limitations you have in place. 

Keep your kid’s items in one spot

A sneaky way of combating garage dangers is to keep all of your kid’s belongings in one easy to reach spot. Items such as bikes and sporting equipment can be grouped together on bike racks and shelves that your children can reach. Keeping this section of the garage free from dangerous goods will provide peace of mind for you and your partner. 

Ensure all goods are stored away

Another trick is to keep all items stored in the garage in large plastic containers (with lids) on shelves. This creates a sorted and pleasant atmosphere, whilst reducing the desire to explore. Who really wants to poke around a tidy, organised environment? Not kids, that’s for sure! 

In addition, use this as motivation to think twice about every item you place in storage. Will you really use it again? Or are you just keeping something just for sentimental value? Either way, evaluate and sort accordingly.

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