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Bathroom Business: Franchisee Resource Guide

Updated: Apr 15

Do you have a client with a bathroom disaster? 

Are you swamped with more products than you can manage?

Or, are you struggling with ideas for bathroom organisation? 

Getting the bathroom sorted can be as easy as 1-2-3. We’ve put together our top ideas for bathroom organisation to get you started. 

Sort and toss products that are past their expiry date 

Did you know that bathroom products have an expiry date just like food? If you read the label carefully you will see a number followed by the letter M. This number indicates how many months the product is good for after opening. 

Before organising bathroom cupboards, sort and toss any products that are past their expiry date. Keep track of expiry dates by placing a small sticker on the label as you open it. Write the date you open the product onto the sticker for future reference. 

Use utensil dividers in bathroom drawers

Separate products in bathroom drawers with utensil dividers. You can use this method for a range of items. For example, to separate hair accessories, or individual family member’s toothbrushes. Dividers also allow you to clean inside the drawer quickly and efficiently. 

Replace ugly packaging with jars, or lotion dispensers

If your product packaging is unsightly – don’t think it has to be this way! Replace ugly packaging with jars, or lotion dispensers. Consider using matching dispensers for a streamlined look, or mismatch jars for a more eclectic feel. 

Clear jars or dispensers also allow your clients to keep track of their product quantities too. 

Utilise all space for storage – think wall mounted cabinets

When thinking about bathroom organisation, you must consider storage. From toilet paper, to hand towels and make up, storage space is essential. 

If you are short on cupboard space, consider wall mounted cabinets, or free standing shelves. Wall mounted cabinets are great for bathrooms without floor space. 

Keep kids toys in a mesh bag to drain

Stay on top of kids toys by keeping them in a mesh bag between uses. Not only does a mesh bag keep them all together – reducing the chance of misplacing a favourite toy – it allows the toys to drain water and dry thoroughly between uses. 

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