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Keeping Calm At Christmas Time

Updated: Apr 2

Keeping Calm At Christmas Time
Keeping Calm At Christmas Time

Christmas time and panic tend to go hand in hand. With your children on school holidays, seeing family members you haven’t seen in months or even years, and battling shopping centre car parks, it’s no surprise that Christmas can make the most level headed person go stir-crazy. 

Keeping yourself organised and sorted plays a huge role in remaining cool, calm and collected at during the festive season. 

We all want the lead up and actual day to go as smoothly as possible. Read on for our advice in keeping calm at Christmas time. 

Be organised for EVERYTHING

Don’t underestimate the level of organisation and planning that you can do for Christmas. Talk to your family, write lists, get decorations out of storage, look through recipe books for ideas, take note of extended shopping centre hours. 

If it is something that you can organise, don’t hesitate! 

Don’t neglect yourself

Often the holiday season is accompanied with a ‘I’ll worry about it in the new year attitude’. We’re not saying you need to start a brand new health regime come December, instead remember not to neglect yourself due to being busy. 

Take small moments to mentally tune out and centre yourself. If you’re an exercise bunny, head out for an evening walk to clear your mind. Prepare healthy meals and snacks that are ready to go. Paint your nails. Indulge in a new outfit for yourself whilst shopping for gifts. 

Simply remember that you’re important too! 

Have contingency plans in place 

If something is going to go wrong, it’s going to happen at the most unfortunate time. This must be some kind of unwritten rule, as the moment you let your guard down during the festive season is the exact moment disaster can potentially strike. 

Prevent disaster by having contingency plans in place for just about everything. Ensure that you have activities for your children to do; consider wet weather and extremely hot weather options. Ensure that you have all the necessary ingredients for your Christmas meal. Write lists to ensure you don’t forget someone vital in your gift buying spree. 

Failing to plan, can often be seen as planning to fail. 

Staying calm at Christmas time doesn’t have to be a major feat. Implement these few strategies and you’ll soon be relaxing on the couch with a glass of your favourite wine.

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