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How To Organise Christmas Decorations Safely

Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations

Knowing how to organise Christmas decorations should not be a difficult task, but it can be. Christmas decorations can be small and fragile, making them the perfect item for breakage. 

However, with some careful organising you can be sure that your decorations will last from one Christmas to the next. 

Utilise the humble egg carton

Egg cartons are an untapped source of Christmas decoration storage. They have spots pre-created for small items that are fragile and easily broken (After all, they do carry eggs normally!). 

They are perfect for storing baubles and other tree decorations. After the decorations and ornaments are placed into the egg cartons, stack the cartons into a larger storage container. 

Wrap Christmas lights around cardboard

Nobody, and by nobody we mean everyone wants to spend the lead up to Christmas detangling Christmas lights. 

Prevent this laborious task by wrapping Christmas lights around pieces of cardboard when you take them down each year. Use a separate piece of cardboard for each string of lights and affix the ends to the cardboard with sticky tape. 

Use an old belt on your Christmas tree

Depending on the style and size of your Christmas tree they can be notoriously difficult to store. Consider swiping an old belt from your wardrobe or a family member’s wardrobe and wrapping it around your Christmas tree. 

Pull the belt in to the tightest notch possible and secure. If your tree is quite large you can use two or three belts at varying heights. 

Don’t keep decorations you don’t use

Christmas is an easy time to get nostalgic. You may be seeing family you haven’t seen for months or even years, and old decorations may bring memories to mind. 

This is great if you use the decorations. 

However, if you have a selection of decorations that simply stay in their box year in year out, it may be time to pass these on to charity or throw away. Reducing the amount of decorations, you need to store will make organising and sorting that much easier!

Ensure your Christmas decorations are air tight

Often, Christmas decorations need to be stored in the garage or basement as these are the areas with most storage. These areas are also the most prone to becoming damp as the weather changes. 

Prevent your Christmas decorations from dampness by ensuring that they are always kept in air tight containers. Large plastic tubs are ideal because they trap out the dew. 


Are you ready to store your Christmas decorations?

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