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Do You Have A Practical Living Space? Find Out Today

Updated: Feb 15

Many of us know that our living space is not set up for our needs. This can be especially true for NDIS participants. Whether you fall into the first category, or you want to find out if you have a practical living space – this blog is for you. 

Do You Have A Practical Living Space? Find Out Today

Read on to learn if you have a practical living space and how Home Sorted! can help you achieve one. 

Can you find what you need?

There are several simple questions you can ask yourself to determine if your living space is practical or not. The first is can you find what you need. 

This should be a simple question, but for many, their home has become an area of stress where they lose valuable time searching for what they need when they need it. 

Can you reach what you need?

Next, can you reach what you need? Being able to find things when you need them is only half of the equation if you can’t reach or access these items easily. Be honest with yourself here – is your living space set up for your needs? 

Can you move around without hazards? 

Are you able to move around your home with ease? This means not being confronted with hazards at every turn. These kinds of blocks will differ for everyone but may include furniture not placed strategically, tight corners, or a lack of storage solutions so you’re always bumping into piles of clutter.  

Are your storage solutions simple to follow? 

Take a moment to look around your living space. Do you have storage solutions for your belongings? And are they simple to follow? 

One of the biggest complaints we hear in the professional organising industry is that it’s too hard to follow storage systems. If you ask us – this simply means that you’re trying to follow the wrong system. This goes for everyone and not just NDIS participants. 

An ideal storage system will be tailored for your individual needs and home, and this is 100% something we can help you achieve! 

What’s next? 

Home Sorted! are passionate about offering simple and convenient personalised services to NDIS participants. If the questions above are showing that you don’t have a practical living space, our unique assistance services have been created to help you to live better within your own home.

If this sounds like something you would benefit from, learn more or speak to one of our dedicated team members today.

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