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Franchisee Time Management Skills

Updated: Apr 15

How many times have you mumbled the words ‘if only there were 57436 hours in a day’? Probably more times than you’d care to admit. 

Franchisee time management can be easy if you know how to focus your time and energy to create the most efficient working environment. 

If you fail at multitasking, don’t multitask

Many people view multitasking as the be all and end all when it comes to being efficient and managing time. The truth is, many people cannot multitask. 

We have so many stimulants in our lives that concentrating on numerous tasks at once can be near impossible and a waste of your precious time. 

Instead dedicate blocks of time to each task that needs to be completed. If you have two or three high priority items, dedicate 15-20 minutes to each task and work solidly for those 15-20 minutes before moving onto the next item. 

This gives you a good amount of time to create focus and increase productivity on each individual item, whilst still taking care of them all at once. 

Be weary of the time you spend browsing the internet 

The internet is fabulous. It has provided us with some amazing resources and tools for running a successful franchise, but it has also created a black hole of time. 

It’s far too easy to turn on your computer just to check your email and find yourself sitting there three hours later reading some obscure article that has nothing to do with the task at hand, or scrolling through endless social media feeds. 

Being aware of your tendency to waste time online is the first step. Consider dedicating an hour each day as free internet time where you can browse and read whatever you please. But outside of this time ensure you stay focused on the job at hand. 

Don’t get lost in the email death-trap

Don’t get us wrong, email is an amazing tool we couldn’t live without. However, it’s easy to get lost among endless emails, newsletters and subscription material. 

Keep this balanced by ensuring your work email address is only used for work related purposes. When you go shopping online use a personal email address to limit the amount of ‘junk’ that will inevitably end up in your email inbox. 

The same applies to mailing lists. Only sign up to those you will actively use and read. The others are simply wasting your precious and valuable time.

Do you have any franchisee time management tricks?

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