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Fresh Family Room Ideas

Is your family room feeling a bit dated? Or are you unhappy with the volume of clutter you face each day? 

The good news is that fresh family room ideas are hiding around each corner. You’ve probably got at least a handful of them hiding in your own family room! 

Use hobbies or collections to decorate and save space

Do you have a hobby or collection taking up space in your cupboards? You may collect tea cups, model cars, or even have an intense amount of Lego hovering around your house. 

With strategic placement you can turn hobbies or collections into fresh family room décor and save space simultaneously. 

Consider using a bookshelf to display your favourite items in full view. Not only does this allow you to enjoy seeing your hobby or collection on display, but it allows other people and your family members the chance to appreciate your passion. 

It may even provide a great talking point the next time you have visitors! Not forgetting the cupboard space you’ll potentially free up. 

Use multipurpose furniture

An easy way to freshen up your family room is with multipurpose furniture. The opportunities are only limited by your imagination. 

Use ottomans that can also double as side tables. 

Purchase a coffee table with shelves or drawers underneath to store odds and ends such as magazines and remote controls. 

Use thin bookcases as a TV cabinet offering you both storage potential and entertainment unit. 

Consider downsizing your belongings

If you’re really short on space, fresh family room ideas can be as simple as downsizing your belongings. Small items such as piles of magazines can be disposed of quickly and easily. 

Additionally, with the increase in streaming and digital technology, it may be time to reassess your DVD and CD collection. Are you using them regularly or are they taking up precious space? More so, can you acquire digital copies for future use? 

Create an entertainment corner with floor cushions

A family room is not complete without a space to read, or binge watch movies and TV shows. Create an entertainment corner with floor cushions (or a comfy chair) to entice the whole family to enjoy. When not in use floor cushions can be stacked neatly or hidden away behind the couch if room permits. 

Do you have any fresh family room ideas you’d like to share? Send them over to our Facebook page. 

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