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How To Get Your Kids Sorted For School

Updated: Feb 15

With the end of school holidays fast approaching, it’s time to get your kids sorted for school. 

While you may face a tantrum or two – there are steps you can take to ensure the transition from holiday mode into learning mode is as smooth as possible. Read on for our favourite back-to-school tips. 

How To Get Your Kids Sorted For School

Start following a bedtime

One of the easiest ways to prepare for the new school year is to get your kids bedtime sorted early. Yes, they will fight you on this. But aim to have them tucked into bed and asleep at their usual school bedtime at least one week prior to term resuming. This will help reset their body clock and create a solid routine for school days. 

Make sure their uniforms fit & are ready to go

Did your kids have a growth spurt over summer? Or have you been putting off asking them to try on their uniforms? Either way, set aside an hour to make sure their uniforms fit and are ready to go. This means washed, ironed, and placed in an easily accessible spot.  

The same applies to sport uniforms and extra-curricular activities. 

Sort their stationary 

If you haven’t already made a trip to Officeworks or your local school stationery supplier – the time is now! Some people love this step and others loathe it. No matter your opinion, fresh stationary is a must and may even help build a sense of excitement for your kids. Who remembers the thrill of a new pencil case and pack of pens?! 

Set up a homework spot

Every home needs a suitable homework spot. This may be a desk within your kids’ bedroom, a space within the home office, or a corner of the kitchen table each afternoon. No matter what your setup looks like, ensure that it is equipped with all the essential stationery and electronics. Our tip: make sure your kids chair is ergonomic. It’s amazing how much more work they’ll get done if they have a comfortable space to work. 

Stock up on snacks 

Next up is your pantry! While it may not seem like the usual area to sort in the back-to-school rush – having a selection of snacks available, both for school lunches and after school, will make your life that much easier. Think pre-packaged or individual serving size snacks in the pantry and chopped up fruit in the refrigerator. 

Enjoy the school holidays 

Lastly, take some time to enjoy the school holidays with your kids! They have had a turbulent time the past couple of years, so it’s only natural for them to be feeling a little anxious or apprehensive about a new school year. Be sure to push the unknown aside for a day or two – and simply enjoy the current summer break! 

These easy tips will help get your kids sorted for school – so go on, apply them today! 

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