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How To Keep Mess Sorted These Holidays

Keep Mess Sorted These Holidays
Keep Mess Sorted These Holidays

We’re not going to lie. Mess is inevitable during the school holidays and festive season. With more foot traffic through your home and young people to keep entertained, it can be easy to let the day to day sorting tasks go untouched. 

To control mess within your home, we have put together our top tips. Follow these and you’re sure to have your mess sorted these holidays! 

Get the whole family involved

Don’t think for one second that you need to take full responsibility for keeping your home clean and tidy. Getting the whole family involved (especially at Christmas time) is a great way to keep on top of mess. 

Consider designating separate areas of the house to each family member. They can be ‘on watch’ for any mess that accumulates and responsible for cleaning it up. Also instil your children with the importance of putting items away properly and tidying up after themselves. 

A few small changes can create wonderful results!

Don’t put tasks off for ‘another day’

We know you’re tired; we’re all tired during the holiday season!

Get into the habit of doing tasks that need to be done, when they need to be done. The moment you start putting tasks off for ‘another day’ the quicker they’ll add up and the deeper in mess you’ll become. 

Create a ‘play zone’ within your home

Children are going to make mess. Especially children on school holidays with lots of time to fill. Consider creating a ‘play zone’ where they can play unrestrictedly. This way the mess they make is contained to one area or room of your home. 

They can be in charge of keeping this area sorted and if things go amiss you’ve at least got the peace of mind that it’s only a small section of your home that is out of control. 

Do unappealing tasks first thing in the morning

We all have a task or chore that we absolutely hate to do. The perfect time to get these done is as soon as you rise. Yes, bright and early. You’ll have just woken up and haven’t had to face the stressors of the day yet. 

Utilise this peaceful headspace to get those unappealing tasks done. This way you won’t need to worry about mess when nightfall (and your want to relax!) comes.

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