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How to Separate Your Work Life from Your Home Life

Separate Your Work Life from Your Home Life
Separate Your Work Life from Your Home Life

Working from home and being your own boss comes with distinct advantages. You’re in charge of how you operate day to day, you can set your own hours and ensure you’re there when the family needs you most. 

But people don’t often talk about the downsides of working from home and how to stay sane when the same four walls feel like they’re closing in on you. 

  1. Keep communication open

It can feel very isolating being your own boss, which is why it’s important to keep communication open as much as possible. We don’t just mean communicating with those in your immediate family. Talk to contacts within the same business or franchise as often as possible. Even a short email can reduce feelings of isolation. 

  1. Network whenever possible

You can never underestimate the importance of networking. Sign up to and attend as many networking events in your local area as you can manage. The more you put yourself out into the business world, the more people in your industry will start to recognise your name and the easier it will be to gather new clients and sales. 

Business cards are also handy in this instance to give people a take home reminder of who you were – alternatively, connect with people you meet via LinkedIn. Either way, keep your networks open and thriving. 

  1. Create a work space just for work

Not everyone has the luxury of a home office. If you do – that’s fantastic. If you don’t, create a work space just for work. Whether it be a corner of the kitchen table or side of the lounge room that you always sit in. Set aside one area and let your family know that when they see you in this space – you’re on the clock! 

Having a set work space also makes it easier to switch off your brain at the end of a long day. 

  1. Schedule social interaction into your week

One of the main issues people have with being their own boss and working from home is the lack of social interaction. You wouldn’t think that water cooler chit-chat would really be that important, but it is. Keep healthy, and motivated to kick business goals by balancing your week with a generous dash of social time. 

Like points one and two – if you can combine networking and social time you’re doing even better!

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