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How To Tell If You’re Ready For A Career Change

Updated: Feb 16

How To Tell If You’re Ready For A Career Change

It’s not always easy to decide when it’s time to start a new career. However, just like how our bodies tell us when we’re feeling off, there are signs to lookout for when deciding if a career change is right for you.

If you’ve noticed any or all these signs, then it’s time to start investigating your options. We’ll speak more about this at the end of our piece.

You dread going to work

If it weren’t for your pay check you wouldn’t turn up anymore. This is one of the most obvious signs you can look for when contemplating a career change.

You feel complacent

Along with feelings of dread can come complacency. Maybe you’re no longer trying your best or going the extra mile to meet deadlines. Sure, you’re heading into work each day but you’re simply coasting through on the bare minimum.

You don’t feel challenged

On the flip side, your current role may be one that you’ve outgrown. You may be searching for extra opportunities or room to grow that your current employer cannot provide.

You’re no longer excited by your current role

You may also no longer feel excited by the work that you complete. While not every employee needs to be excited on a day-to-day basis, most employees report wanting to feel either a sense of excitement or satisfaction towards their current role. Can you relate?

You’re envious towards other people’s success

Another big sign that you’re mentally checking out of your current role is feeling envy towards other people’s success. This may be loved ones or co-workers who are being promoted around you. At a deeper level these feelings of envy can also indicate a need to be challenged or advanced. If this isn’t possible with your current employer maybe a career change is calling your name.

You’re searching for balance

Many people cite work-life balance at the top of their employment wish list. This may include having time to work on your hobbies or side hustle, feeling energised during the time you are at work or being able to juggle a family and career. No matter your motivation if your current role is not willing to negotiate your needs it may be time to investigate a new employment structure.

You clicked on this article

Lastly, and most importantly you clicked on this article for a reason! If you’re feeling unsure about whether a career change is the right move for you it’s time to do some deep thinking, speak to your loved ones and weigh up your options.

But if you ask us, your gut instinct is usually the one you need to trust…which brings us to our next point.

What’s next?

If you’re yet to hear, we’ve created a unique online industry based service called: My Home Sorted! Professional Sorters. This is your opportunity to be supported, as you turn your hobby of sorting into a rewarding career fully driven by you.

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A career change doesn’t need to be daunting – the right circumstances can make it downright exciting!

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