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How To Use Franchise Feedback

Updated: Apr 15

There is no such thing as bad feedback. 

Remember that. 

Say it again. 

There is no such thing as bad feedback. 

Franchise feedback is a great tool for gathering information and opinions about your business. 

Feedback comes in both positive and negative form. But when assessed correctly, all feedback is useful feedback. 

Feedback can help you improve your service

We tend to view our own product/service/business with favourable eyes. It’s not that you’re wearing rose-tinted glasses, rather, as a business owner you believe in your business concept and feel everyone else should too.


Feedback allows you to draw upon external sources, who may unearth faults or cracks in your business you otherwise cannot see. 

Feedback allows you to measure customer satisfaction 

Feedback from customers is very important as it allows you to rate their level of satisfaction towards your business. 

You can gather this feedback by asking customers to complete a short survey or following up appointments with brief phone calls or emails. Knowing what your customer likes and doesn’t like is a key form of evaluation. Always use it! 

Feedback can create on-going business

Along with giving you an insight into your customer’s mind, feedback can create on-going business by showing your customers that you are willing to listen and are flexible in meeting their needs. 

Feedback gives you data you can use

Feedback is great for business reflection. Whether you do surveys or ask customers to fill in a feedback form, you will have a large amount of qualitative and quantitative data at your disposal. 

Reading into this data and looking for patterns is a great tool for figuring out areas that are in need of improvement, as well as areas that are working successfully. 

Feedback allows employees to develop their performance

Along with feedback being fantastic for your business, feedback allows employees to develop their own performance skills. Is there something they can be doing better? Can customers identify an area in need of improvement? 

Feedback shows you should never stop learning

Lastly, feedback shows us that you should never stop learning in business. 

One of the greatest tools you can implement is taking, interpreting and using feedback data to your advantage. As a business owner, you are always learning. Even when you think you have a formula perfected, take time to reflect and make change where necessary. 

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