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Learn How To Succeed With Our Workshops

Updated: Feb 15

Succeeding as a Professional Organiser should be straightforward. It’s a rapidly growing industry and many people are in need of someone to sort their home. However, running your own professional organising business is a different story. 

This is why we’re sharing the ins and outs of the profession at our upcoming workshops AND how they can help you succeed in this piece. Read on to find out more. 

Do you know what a PO does? 

In order to succeed you need to understand what a Professional Organiser does. It’s not all perfect pantries and colour coded bookshelves. Running your own business has many moving parts and you will be required to wear multiple hats at any one time. Which brings us to our next point. 

Do your skills match the role?

Professional organisers come from many backgrounds. There are, however, a set of skills that can help you to succeed within the industry. From a love of sorting and helping others through to an attention to detail - our workshop can help you identify if your skills match the role or if there are some you would need to acquire. 

Do you have clients? 

Next you need to consider who you will service with your business. To succeed in professional organising you need a regular client base - are you confident in building one? Or would you benefit from insider knowledge and tips on how to encourage people to hire you? 

Can you run a business? 

We touched on this earlier, but can you run a business? While you may be the best Professional Organiser in your local area, you also need to be able to run the backend of your business. Or be willing to learn how to do so. 

Are you ready to start? We can get you there

If you’re ready to learn more about how to succeed as a Professional Organiser we encourage you to join our upcoming workshop. 

Our One Day Discovery Workshop is the perfect place to learn the ins and outs of the industry and how to get started in your career. Places are limited so we recommend registering your attendance today! 

Alternatively, if you’re still not ready to commit to our One Day Discovery Workshop, consider attending our FREE Masterclass where you’ll gain insight into the Professional Organising industry and tips to help you figure out if it’s a career for you. 

We’re ready - are you? 

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