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Marketing Strategies For Your Franchise

Marketing can be what makes or breaks your franchisee. A fantastic approach to marketing can see your business soar in sales and clients, but an unsuccessful approach can just as easily hinder growth. 

Keep reading for our top marketing strategy suggestions. 

Case Studies

Case studies are brilliant for gaining brand confidence in your franchise. Customers want to know what your business is, what you can do for them, and if you have done this successfully in the past. By showcasing past clients as case studies on your franchise website, you enable present and future customers to read your success stories and how you have helped customers. 

Case studies can also be included in flyers, handouts and email marketing campaigns. 

Get your voice online

We’ve discussed the importance of social media in past posts. However, its importance cannot be stressed enough. Give your customers a glimpse into what is happening behind the scenes and any developments that may be occurring. 

Are you expanding your franchise into a shopfront? Or are you now servicing new areas? Always share this information with your customer base online. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or use them all, just ensure you’re getting the word out about your franchise. 

Get known in your local community

Local communities are wonderful places to develop sound client bases. Think about it. To start with you gain one customer in your local community. They love your service, so they discuss it with their friends and family. They may even pass your franchise details along to these new potential customers. 

A nifty trick for capitalising upon these conversations within the local community is to target this very area with flyers. For instance: if you have a customer who lives on Street A, consider doing a letterbox drop of flyers to the other houses in Street A. You could even extend this to Street B and C. Targeting small areas has the potential to get the local community and neighbours discussing your business. 

Follow up customers and maintain relationships

Maintaining customer relationships may not sound like a marketing strategy, but it sure is. 

To make the most out of your business you need customer feedback. Follow up your customers by asking them to complete a short survey at the completion of your service. You can also do this by making short five minute follow up phone calls. The information you gain by talking to customers about their level of satisfaction can then be used as a basis of improvement and growth for your franchise. And who doesn’t want their franchise to grow?  

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