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Picture Perfect Pantry Organisation

The picture perfect pantry is having quite a moment and we know why. 

There is nothing more soothing than coming home after a long work day, opening the pantry doors, and being able to find every dinner ingredient in an instant. 

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? 

Pantry organisation has so much potential if done and maintained correctly. 

Here are our tips for creating a pantry that belongs on Pinterest. 

Start with a blank canvas

Make pantry organisation easy by starting with a blank canvas. Sort and remove items from your pantry one by one. Place the food items into three piles:

  1. Dispose any out of date products into the trash.

  2. Place aside any items you and your family won’t eat and distribute these to friends, family, or charities. 

  3. Put all left over items onto the bench or kitchen table – this allows you to analyse what you need to accommodate with your pantry organisation. 

Make use of air-tight containers

The best way to store food within the pantry is with air-tight containers. Containers will keep your food fresh longer (saving you money!) and ensure everything is neatly sorted. 

The following is a great guide to follow:

  • Biscuits – square containers

  • Cereals – tall oval or rectangle containers

  • Lollies – small oval or square stackable containers

  • Pasta/Straws – long cylinder containers

Measure before you buy

Before you rush to the shops, measure up your pantry to ensure you purchase the best selection of air-tight containers possible. 

Consider different combinations of containers to best make use of space. For example, place all cereal containers in a line and stack small containers of different snack foods in one area. 

You can also make use of an extra-large container for sealed packets of snacks and dry foods. As these will not be needed as frequently as those already open consider storing them on the higher shelves. 

Enhance pantry organisation with labels

Purchase re-usable labels for your air-tight containers and label according to product. 

Re-usable labels are fantastic. You can re-label them as your food needs change – simply use whiteboard markers to make them easily erasable.  

You can also list expiry dates on the labels to easily keep track of product freshness. 

Maintain your pantry every week

Get into the habit of emptying all food items into their appropriate containers as soon as you arrive home from grocery shopping. You’ll be able to keep track of pantry items easily as well as eyeing off your picture perfect pantry!

Pantry organisation has never been so attractive. 

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