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Small Bedrooms, Big Solution: How To Make Bedrooms Appear Larger

Updated: Apr 15

Small bedrooms are a part of life. In fact, they’re everywhere. 

Whether you’re a single woman living in a one-bedroom apartment, or a family of four in a three-bedroom house, bedroom size is an oft battled issue.  

Even with the smallest of small bedrooms, you don’t need to put up with clutter. With a few careful tricks, you can maximise floor space, and ensure that you’re getting the most out of the precious space you have. 

Don’t waste floor space 

The first things to fix are your lamps and shelving. Small bedrooms are best utilised with as much floor space as humanly possible. With this in mind fix everything you possibly can to the walls. Invest in lamps that hang from hooks on the wall beside the bed and use wall shelves to house precious items and books. 

Your floor is precious real estate; you need to value it that way. 

Reflect your best image

Wall mirrors are perfect for creating the illusion of a much larger space. Small bedrooms can benefit by placing a wide full length mirror up against one wall. The reflection helps to trick the eye into believing the space goes further than it actually does. 

Using mirrors on wardrobe doors is a nifty way to incorporate mirrors seamlessly. 

De-clutter like a pro

It shouldn’t be a surprise but small bedrooms work great with a minimalist approach. If you’re prone to collecting magazines, papers and trinkets wherever you go, set aside an afternoon to really take stock of what items you want to keep, and what can easily be disposed of. Are you really going to re-read that old issue of New Idea

Your wardrobe should also be considered in this process. If it’s overflowing or you’re struggling to shut its doors it may be time to invest in some vacuum seal bags to move the excess elsewhere. 

Choose your colours wisely

A light and natural colour pallet can assist in making small bedrooms appear brighter and airier.  Additionally, let as much natural light into the room as you possible can. That’s right, opening curtains will make a difference. 

It’s as simple as that. Small bedrooms, big solutions. Pay attention to the finer details to maximise your space today. 

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