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The Best Bathroom Maintenance Tips You’ll Read Today

Take a moment to think about your bathroom. 

Is it messy? Are there towels sprawled across the bath? Piles of lotion? Or even a damp mildew feel to the walls?

The bathroom is used by every family member to get ready of a morning and before bed each night. It’s no surprise that it can be home to clutter and volumes of unhygienic mess if not cared for properly. 

Bathroom maintenance doesn’t need to be a struggle. With the right plan of action and some careful daily maintenance, thinking about your bathroom will leave you in ease.  

Open windows as often as possible 

Ensure that all family members air out the bathroom after their bath or shower by opening the windows. This will help remove any moisture that has built up. 

Put items away 

Get into the habit of putting all bathroom items away as soon as you’re finished using them. Teach your children to do the same. It’s pretty simple if all family members are on board. 

Keep cleaning tools within easy access 

Strategically place small cleaning tools within the bathroom. Consider hanging microfiber cloths inside the cupboard below the basin area. These can be used to wipe the basin after each use. A simple wipe can cut the levels of bacteria and kill germs. 

Take care of the loo

No one really wants to clean the toilet. Make it easy by wiping down the toilet from top to base each day with a cloth or old towel and a spirit-based disinfectant. 

Also use this chance to dispose of any empty toilet rolls. 

Keep the shower clean whilst showering

Use the last moments of your shower to stay on top of bathroom maintenance. Rinse down all glass doors and walls before getting out. This assists in reducing the build up of soap grime making the shower easier to clean later on. 

Reduce bacteria by changing towels often

Any hand towels kept in the bathroom should be washed at the end of each day. These are used by multiple family members and can be a breeding ground for bacteria that you simply don’t want to spread!

Don’t stress about bath towels, they only need to be washed after every four uses.

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