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The Importance Of Franchise Employee Training

Updated: Apr 15

One of the crucial steps after purchasing a franchise (or starting a new business) is engaging in franchise employee training. 

You may be thinking why. 

You may also be busy learning the tricks of the trade from a franchisee’s perspective. 

Whilst this is 100% vital, developing your employees through training and skill development programs is of equal importance.  

We’d all love our employees to come to us, fully trained and knowledgeable in everything we do, but realistically this is not the case. Employees need to develop the skills and mindset that will push them (and your franchise) ahead of your competitors. 

Look for positive attitudes

A good rule of thumb when hiring employees is to hire people with a good attitude and then train their skills. 

People with positive attitudes are generally more efficient and willing to learn. Take time when interviewing potential employees to find people who have a positive disposition towards your franchise and their own working ability. 

It’s easier to train employees in the skills of your franchise, than change attitudes. Don’t waste time with people who spruik negativity. 

Talk to the franchisor 

When developing your franchise remember to talk to the franchisor about training. 

As an established business structure they will often have franchise employee training content or programs already developed. Your franchisor will also have a solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t for your new business model. Use their advice and expertise to your advantage. 

Develop a clear training action plan

To ensure success of your franchise employee training, it is best to utilise a training program that has clear objectives and one that allows for evaluation.

Good evaluation includes tasks that test the knowledge your employees have gained from training and what areas are still in need of development. 

Additionally, you can use this evaluation to determine the effectiveness of your training program. 

Offer continuous skill development

 A great franchise will always offer its employees opportunities to further develop their skills. The better trained your employees are, the better results they will yield for you whilst out in the field. 

Skill development may take the form of information handbooks, training sessions, one on one employee feedback interviews, etc. 

The more time and effort you put into training your staff at the beginning, the easier running your franchise will become. Don’t take the shortcut. Invest the time and you’ll be sure to gain your investment back in return. 

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