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The Passionate Franchisee

Updated: Apr 15

Staying motivated as a franchisee can be difficult. We’re not going to lie, it’s a long road. But it can be a rewarding one. 

A great tip for staying on track is igniting your passion and using these to fuel the fire of motivation. Ask yourself…

What gets you excited as a franchisee?

Are you a passionate franchisee?

No matter the answer, there are ways to tap into this excitement and passion and use it to your advantage. 

Are you a people person? Have you had a customer experience that was gratifying? 

Franchisees who love being around people often find gratification through their customers’ experience. Knowing that you have helped make someone’s life easier can be the ticket to igniting your passion and keep you pushing on.

Consider getting all customers to fill in a feedback card or do follow up calls and/or emails. When you hear rave reviews from your customers you’re going to be determined to work even harder! 

Do you adore writing? Or social media?

Are you a bit of a wordsmith? Is this what makes you a passionate franchisee? If you have a love of writing, consider honing these skills into blogging and social media. 

As a franchisee it’s vital to have information readily available for your customers. Blog posts and social media are valuable tools that have the power to transform your franchise ten fold. 

So go on, use this passion for writing to your advantage. 

Are you a numbers person?

Do you thrive off numbers, figures, statistics, spreadsheets? If you’re thinking yes, yes, yes! You are a numbers person. 

Use this passion to create effective systems for your business. Keeping your finances in check will become a breeze and ultimately you’re doing something you love, for a franchise you want to succeed. 

Do you draw passion from your family? 

Many franchisees note that their family is a large source of inspiration and motivation. If you’re passionate about your family, consider getting everyone involved. 

It can be small tasks, or a larger role. 

The passionate franchisee knows that combining their passion and franchise is a pathway to success. 

Whether your passion is listed here or not, there are plenty of ways to utilise these positive emotions. Think outside the box and your opportunities will be limitless. 

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