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Tips To Encourage Business For Your Home Sorted! Franchise

Updated: Apr 15

You’ve probably experienced this scenario or many similar ones before. 

You’re talking to potential clients about the pros of hiring a professional organiser (like yourself!) and they start to get a little iffy. 

“Do I really need someone to organise my home?” They may ask. 

“Why can’t I just hire a cleaning service?” Is another question they may pose to you. 

It’s imperative you’re ready to handle these questions (and many similar ones) to encourage business for your Home Sorted! Franchise. 

Below we’ve compiled a list of four common questions and how to best respond!

Question 1 – What can a professional organiser offer that a cleaning service can’t?

Good question! It’s known that one in three people hire a cleaner to help ease the pressure of day to day life. We’re all so busy these days. A cleaner will come to your home, clean certain areas and then leave. A professional organiser works similarly as a home based service. However, we sort through your home or office to create a home organisation system that works for you, is easy to follow and maintain (see question 4). 

Question 2 – How can you help me de-clutter my home?

We work with you (the client) to create a system of organisation for your home or office that is just right for your needs. We service room by room organising that includes: cupboards; bench tops; drawers; wardrobes; linen cupboards; dressing tables; filing systems; bill reminder systems; even home office revamps! 

If you have a clutter problem, we will sort it for you! No job is too large or too small. Our team are efficient, neat and extremely clever in utilising any and all storage areas. 

Question 3 – What do I get for my money?

We have one main aim at Home Sorted! – we want to help you feel relaxed and content within your home environment. As we say, Home Sorted! = Life Sorted! 

By booking an appointment with Home Sorted! you are hiring a service of professional organisers who have been sorting homes for over 10 years. We have the ideas, expertise and genuine care to help get you sorted. 

You will SAVE time AND money by hiring a professional organiser. 

Question 4 – Am I going to be able to maintain your organisational system?

Yes! You will be able to maintain the organisational system as our team work with you (the client) to build a system that suits your needs and makes sense to you. 

There is no point in us creating a system we love that you hate; it would simply be pointless. 

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